Like everything we buy, we want to keep it in the same condition as we bought it. But this phase soon disappears after a few months — or even a few weeks. We lose the appreciation and respect we initially had for our motorcycles, and this is when problems start occurring. Motorbike helmets experts, Custom…

Repair your windshield: splinters and cracks

It is always advisable to repair the damage of your windshield. Indeed, they could worse and result in a complete replacement. You drive quietly on the highway. A rock suddenly cracks your windshield. She carried off a burst of glass as big as a pea. This incident is boring but your visibility is not compromised. Alas, if you do…

Tips on How to Drive To Avoid Personal Injury

Despite the advancements in today’s technology, auto accidents still happen. In 2018 alone, around 2.35 million people get disabled or injured from automotive accidents. However, it can be challenging to avoid personal injury when you get a surprise such as getting blind-sided while driving. This scenario can happen a lot mainly because of another car….


Celebrate Spring With A New Lincoln

For many people, spring is the season for reconnecting with the joy of driving. With the roads clear and the weather getting warmer, spending time behind the wheel goes from being an annoyance to a pleasure. And for a growing number of Canadians, that joy is one best experienced in a luxury vehicle. Data shows…

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