The Best Places to Visit in North Carolina

If you live in North Carolina, there are lots of places you can visit with your family for a vacation. Why go out of state when North Carolina offers numerous tourist attractions? So get your car tuned properly, get some North Carolina car insurance quotes if you don’t have insurance yet, and then book a room in a nice hotel or resort for your family to enjoy.

Here are some of the places you really ought to visit at least once in your life in North Carolina:

  1. Battleship North Carolina. If you’re ever in Wilmington, you should pay her a visit. This battleship is impressive with its weaponry and when she was commissioned in 1941 she was the deadliest naval vessel in the high seas. This is the ship that earned 15 battle stars in WWII, which was more than what any other US battleship got. You can get aboard and tour the deck to see the massive guns up close. It’s fitting that a ship like this is named North Carolina.
  2. The Biltmore Estate. You don’t need to go to Europe to see grand homes of the aristocracy. We have that here in the heart of the 8,000-acre Biltmore Estate in Asheville. Here you can find the magnificent Vanderbilt Mansion with its 250 rooms that are fit for nobility.
  3. Linville Gorge and Falls. There’s no need to limit your awe for just manmade monuments. Nature has blessed North Carolina with Linville Gorge, which is also known as the Grand Canyon of the East. There you’ll see the glorious 90-ft Linville Falls in its entire splendor. It’s arguably the most photographed waterfalls in the whole state.
  4. Chimney Rock State Park. Here’s another natural wonder to visit, and it’s about 25 miles southeast of Asheville. The mountain is splendid to behold, though getting to the top isn’t really hard. There’s actually a 26-story elevator built inside the mountain. Inside the park, there’s a generally level trail to the base of the Hickory Nut Falls, which rises 404 feet.
  5. Morehead Planetarium and Science Center. This place holds several shows each day, so check its schedule first. Aside from the shows, there are also fun lessons about identifying constellations, stars, and planets. More than 7 million have entered here ever since it opened way back in 1949.
  6. North Carolina Aquarium. There are actually several locations for you to visit, and they’re at Fort Fisher, Pine Knoll Shores, and Roanoke Island. There’s another one Jennette’s Pier, which while not really an aquarium it still offers awesome views of humpback whales and other marine species in their natural habitat. If you’re into sharks, the largest collection in the state is in the Roanoke Island location.
  7. Grandfather Mountain. Park your car and do some hiking here. Don’t worry as there are trails with scenic views. For those who want a challenge, there are some trails here that include ladders and you’ll be amply rewarded with breathtaking mountain views. Don’t forget to walk across the famed Mile High Swinging Bridge, though this can be problematic for those with a fear of heights.
  8. NASCAR Hall of Fame. Visitors to Charlotte should spend some time here, and that’s especially true of NASCAR fans. You can even find some historic cars along Glory Road.
  9. North Carolina Zoo. You’ll need sensible shoes to walk through 5 miles of pathways. But that’s an easy sacrifice to make to see more than 1,600 animals. These include animals from Africa like lions. There are also 52,000 plants, if you’re more into botany.

If you’re from North Carolina, what other places should be included on this list? Send in your suggestions!


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