Automotive Maintenance Tips – Give Your Car a Longer Life!

Keeping your vehicle is not only critical for its long term durability but also for your safety.  Driving in a car which is not roadworthy won’t only cause you problems with the police, but also put your life at risk.  It’s for this reason that this article and other automotive websites  offers crucial maintenance tips to all car owners to help them fix any issue.

Automobiles, just like any other kind of machines, are prone to creating issues every now and again.  It’s also important that you also take a little time and learn a few things that could save you although you may have your mechanic that attends to these problems.  Yet, learning some tips on Autoxpedia provides you.

To replace wiper blades, pull the windshield wiper arm up so that the blade and the arm are sticking out into the window.  Depress the tab which attaches the blade into the arm by means of a screwdriver.  Fix the new blade on the wiper arm and turn on the wipers to check.

A Philips screwdriver and a rag are enough to give your car a new air filter.  Remove or screws onto the surface of the air filter housing using the screwdriver.  Use a clean rag to clean the air filter home, install the new air filter, and clamp the air filter home’s lid back.

To change the battery usage battery pliers detach both wires and to loosen the nuts attaching the cables.  Remove the battery hold-down clamp using ratchet and a socket and get the battery out of the battery tray.  Use all corrosion to wash on hold-down clamp the battery tray and battery cable connectors.  Place and secure the battery that is new, spray the terminals with solution and firmly attach both wires into the terminals that are rightful.

Changing oil demands jack stands, an oil drain pan, and a socket set.  Set the car on a flat surface, run the engine as oil drains quicker, and jack the car.  Crawl under the car, find the oil drain plug and loosen it with a socket wrench.  Replace the drain plug gasket after the oil drains out and reinstall the plug.  Pour in up to the amount that is recommended.

Replacing spark plugs requires changing each at a time and replacing the plug wire.  Pull off the wire, wipe any dirt and use a socket and ratchet to remove it.  Fix all plugs’ endings to match the gap distances and tighten of the plugs to position using the socket wrench.  Make certain that you do not over tighten.

With these auto maintenance tips, you are certain of saving money and time.


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