Summer car maintenance tips

The summer months can take their toll on your car if don’t protect it. Plenty of heat and harsh sunlight can leave your vehicle looking a little worse for wear and functioning just as poorly. If you bought your vehicle from a line-up of used cars for sale, it’s important you make sure you maintain it properly during the summer to prevent any problems.

Luckily, there are easy ways you can do this that won’t take hours out of your days. Here’s what you need to know!

Check your Coolant System

Keeping your coolant fluids topped up in your car is vital to keeping it running perfectly when the temperatures begin to rise. You should also take a look at the hoses and coolant reservoir in your car, making sure it’s all working as it should be. Watch out for leaks and squeeze the hoses to ensure they’re firm rather than very soft.

Vital Fluids

There are a ton of other fluids that your car is using all the time that you need to keep an eye on in the summer. Check your oil as well as your brake, power-steering and windshield water fluids frequently to avoid any problems.

Keep an Eye on Engine Belts

If you’ve just bought from a choice of used cars for sale, it’s important that you check the serpentine belt before summer starts. You can find this by looking at the alternator, fan and a few other components that it runs around, and then check it for damage. It shouldn’t have any little cracks or chunks missing, and it definitely shouldn’t be loose or making any loud noises whilst you drive.


In the summer, a lot of people switch on the air conditioning in their car for the first time in a long while. If you think it’s making a strange noise, not working as well as last year or giving off strange smells or fluid, get it checked out.

Air Filters

To keep circulation moving properly around your car, you need to check to make sure gaps haven’t become clogged up over the winter. Take a look at drainage points as well as your car’s air filter and nozzles on the windshield washer. If you have cabin and pollen filters, check these over as well.

Keep the Sun Out

To help protect the dashboard of your car from the strong sun and keep it a little cooler, invest in a good sunshade. You can also get these for the other widows of your car, which will help to keep the sun out and prevent your interior from fading, and whole-car covers can come in useful to protect the exterior of your car.

Clean Your Windscreen

Grime on your windscreen can cause sun rays to become hazy, clouding your vision and making it dangerous to drive. This is why it’s so important to keep yours clean during the summer.Make sure your windscreen wiper wash is always topped up, and have a microfibre cloth on hand to wipe away any dust or dirt.

The most important car maintenance tip for the summer is to drive safely – it’s the easiest way to ensure your car lasts longer and that you get to your destination every time. It’s a vital one that you can’t miss out!



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