Reasons why you Have to Scrap your Car Right Now

That feeling of driving at night on the freeway without so many cars on the road with you is as exhilarating as it can get. For men, their cars are not only possessions but companions and badges of honor. They treat their cars as human beings to whom they look for companionship and adventure. Car lovers would understand this.

In Singapore, however, owning a car is not as easy or as simple as in other countries. With a challenge in space and population, cars are never encouraged by the government. In fact, it’s targeting zero vehicle growth rate in the next couple of years. Though it’s quite sad to think about it, especially if you are a car lover, we’re giving you several reasons why you should give that car up and get it scrapped right away.

Government is serious in reducing CO2 emission

Pollution is a number one public enemy in Singapore and the government has been putting in a lot of effort to make sure more trees are planted, wastes are disposed properly, and carbon emissions from cars are reduced to a minimum, if not zero. As earlier mentioned, the Land Transportation Authority (LTA) does not want growth in the number of private vehicles nationwide.

Limited opportunity for road expansion

As of today, 12% of the whole land in Singapore is taken up by roads. This led to the government’s initiative to increase train lines rather than create more roads for vehicles. It cannot afford to give more space for private vehicles nor allow its citizens to endure traffic congestion just because of the growing number of vehicles. For this reason, public transportation is improved every year by creating new lines for the Mass Rapid Transit and giving road priority to buses.

Population is expanding

It cannot be denied that Singapore is one of the most dense country in Asia and the population continues to grow. Since year 2000, it has seen a 40% increase in population both because of higher birth rate and immigration from neighbouring countries to Singapore. This also means more residential structures to build, more businesses to be established, and more people to share in this small space. Therefore, additional roads for vehicles is not a priority.

Save up rather than spend

When you decide to scrap your car, you’re not just letting it go, but you’re actually exchanging it for money. Earlier de-registration of your car means higher rebates from the LTA and additional funds from the scrap car company in Singapore that you choose. In fact, with a robust and improving public transportation system in the country, it will be more cost-efficient to let go of your car and commute.

You can get clean and energy efficient vehicles

If you still feel the need to have your own car for one reason or another, you still have to face the fact that you cannot keep that car for a long time. After ten years, you are mandated to get it scrapped or to pay a very high Certificate of Entitlement (COE) renewal fee. Instead of paying that much for the same car, get that old one scrapped and get a more eco-friendly one. The government encourages this type of vehicles with low carbon emissions and are energy-efficient.


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