The cars today are from the future. If you are a fan of Blade Runner I am sure you know what I mean. The industry is progressinsg by leaps and bounds. The engineers are hell bent on devising electric and self-driving cars. Only the real success is awaited!

The features which are going to rule the future are as under:

Automated Valet Parking

Well this unheard of. I mean valet used to be when the assigned person would take the keys form you and then parks the car in a designated spot. Then when you are about to leave he will take the keys and bring it out of the parking for you to sit and then hands over the keys. You can make your way out from there onwards.

But the automated valet parking is about car seeking places where they can park on their own at restaurants, malls and elsewhere. The technology appears to be farfetched but through sensors built in your car from japan auction will be able to read the designated spot and will save you the hassle of looking for parking space.

The car will stop so that you can make your way out and then will automatically seeing the space will park itself in the spot.

Side Collision Prevention

This quite frequent on a busy road. The other person is coming at you fast hoping he can beat the signal and you seeing the green lights starts moving. And bam! He rams into you! That is why the technology which can prevent side collision is very important.

With this technology, the cars will automatically set their course and will prevent the collision from happening altogether. It will be also in a position to make adjustments, or take a turn so that the drivers stays safe and does not get hurt.

Car to Car Communication

Again we are talking future so bear with me a little. The question why is the communication necessary? Well, for starters if the road is blocked ahead and some construction work is going on the person ahead can signal the other cars with the help of this technology to take a different course instead of piling one after the other.

They can also signal the other drivers that roads ahead are experiencing bad weather and they should be wary of traveling on those roads. Imagine how much time and engine combustion is saved. As a result the carbon emissions that keep on building through being stuck in traffic will be heavily minimized.

Also prevention of accidents, if you are somehow drawing too close to the vehicle the car will communicate the other car to take it slow or the chances of getting hurt or asset damage is expected.

Remote Vehicle Shutdown

No we are not discussing a James Bond 007 script here but a future tech that will allow for remote vehicle shutdown. This technology is already quite prevalent such as the tracker companies can bring your vehicle to a halt via control through satellites.

This technology will allow users as well to remotely shutdown their vehicles. In the case where a thief has got away with your isuzu auction house car, a person can bring the vehicle to a halt, in the result, preventing him to get away very far. The chances of the thief being caught greatly increases.

Similarly law enforcement will have convenience in shutting down a vehicle instead of pursuing a felon in a car chase. You see, simplicity for everyone.


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