Why You Should Choose Powder Coating

Powder work has become one of the most common ways of coating metals and other materials. The decorative finish has become a part of industries and households. It works by electrostatically spraying a mixture of resin and ground particles of pigment. More about the process later but let’s look at some of the benefits of choosing powder coating over other wet paints;


Powder coating gives you one of the most long-lasting yet economical color finishes that can be used on any kind of surface. The best part is that powder coated items are resistant to scratches, chipping, wearing and fading unlike other types of finishes. Moreover, you get a variety of color selections for different surfaces which include satin, metallic, gloss, iridescent, wrinkle, hammer tone, glitter, flat, clear and candies finishes to mention a few. The colors remain bright and vibrant for an extended period even after exposure to harsh elements. You have a variety of texture options to choose from including matte finishes, rough texture, wrinkled and smooth depending on your preference and what you wish to achieve.

Very safe :

The powder coating, like other chemical products, comes with disclaimers that you should avoid sniffing it or getting it to contact with your skin. However, that’s all. Everything else about it is extremely safe to handle. The product is neither volatile nor toxic. It can be sprayed anywhere even with people around without causing any side effects, unlike other paints that can be perilous to the users if not handled carefully.

It is economical:

For starters, powder coating is affordable to anyone. It is economical and saves cost in different ways. It is highly efficient which means that just one coat and you are done. The powder coat covers a more extensive section than other finishes; it is easy to do and does not require much reworking. Moreover, it involves less waste. It is possible to collect any over-sprayed powered and reuse it. It also saves you energy and disposal cost. All these benefits add up to one thing; economical. It is cheap yet very efficient and long-lasting.

You will love its incredible performance:

What should you expect after the application of the coat? You will be glad to know that it is twice as thick as other wet paints. It is super resistant to fading, scratching chemicals, corrosion and harsh weather. Leave it for just 20 minutes, and it is completely dry, unlike other paints that take days to dry. The best part is that besides being incredibly durable, it does not show any drips or traces of other applications.

It is environmental friendly:

The product does not contain any impulsive organic compounds. What’s better? The powder coatings can be recycled or disposed of anywhere without any unpleasant effects to the environment and the atmosphere.

These benefits are good enough to convince you to shift to powder coatings for all your equipment whether it is industrial or you are planning on doing some home decorations. The results are unique yet leave your surface with a sleek and elegant look. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more on the same get a quote and let Maui Powder Works change your lifestyle for the better.


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