Why Should You Buy a RAM Truck

There are variety of trucks out for sale both new and old. But to put the finger on the right one involves a bit of knowledge and experience about what benefits can one receive while buying bigger vehicles like a truck. Among many other available and popular brands, Ram trucks never stood second in the row, because of their useful features packed in a reasonable price.

Here are the details that we gathered from the Kansas City used RAM dealer that would introduce you with the basic features and benefits of this brand.

The Look

The exterior of a Ram truck stands upright with a dynamic, bold yet aesthetic appearance, that would never fail to attract the glances of the buyers. As a truck is meant for its Cargo capacity, Ram made it obviously a priority with its RamBox Cargo Management that can comfortably place items like fishing rods, an extra pair of camping gears and other necessary tools. The vehicle has its own way of organizing things while driving down the highways. It has Active Air Grille Shutters to open and close with ease that helps in cooling the engine down and reducing the drag too.

The Cabin

If you look at the cabin of any Ram truck it would steal your mind with its quiet disposition that is not that prevalent in other trucks.  The reason behind this gentle gesture is the its Active-Level Four-Corner Air Suspension that is consistent of adjustable air springs that can both raise and lower the vehicle into five settings of riding heights.

Features like Uconnect would allow the truck to pull with double duty of a work horse and playing the role of an entertainment platform. Its 8.4-inch touchscreen display has the options like music streaming, hands-free calling and texting, Bluetooth connectivity and more. All this can be controlled with Voice Command. The steering wheel-mounted control, the navigation never allows any dull moment to conquer a Ram truck.

Better Engines to Enforce Fuel Economy

Ram engines, come in three categories, the EcoDiesel, the Pentastar, and the Hemi. Apart from some basic engineering changes they do not have any differences while increasing the speed, generating more strength and bring more fuel economy.

Stow ‘N Go Seats

Stow ‘N Go Seats are one of the biggest convenience that a Ram Truck promises to provide. According to a used RAM Dealer in KC this seating feature allows the seats to fold easily into the floor so that one can avail plenty of flat space for cargo if the bed is already occupied. This works a lot for longer trips, especially when one doesn’t have a truck bed cover.

Improved Tailgate

In the 2018 Ram trucks, they have planned to incorporate big design changes for the tailgates. From authentic sources, the new tailgate might get split in half so that the tailgate could be opened by either a drop down way or horizontally like normal doors. It would be a new feature with the capacity to make the job of packing and unpacking the bed much easier than before.


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