Vehicle Storage Units – What Should You Look For?

Recreational vehicles are real fun. From family road trips to motorbike adventures to fishing weekends to car rallies, an appropriate recreational vehicle can open up a range of new opportunities to enjoy your life.

However, we don’t use these vehicles every day. So, what to do of them when they are not in use? Your dear boat keeps sitting untouched in your yard in winter months or your motorbike occupies a space in your garage during weekdays.

Is There Any Solution?

You can let your vehicle be left on the road, but this is neither ideal nor secure.

Instead you can go for a custom depot where a temporary home is provided for vehicles like:

  • Boat
  • Car or van
  • Motorbike
  • Caravan
  • Other types of vehicles like scooter or a commercial vehicle

This is the best solution with a self-storage unit that is secure, clean and of a matching size of your vehicle and will keep your car or boat out of the way. Find such a facility that operates during early to late hours so that you can get your vehicle back whenever you want it next time.

Storing Car and Van

Do you own a classic car that you want in top condition always? Or are you planning a long holiday and wondering where to store your vehicle when you are away? Whatever your problem is, if you have cars and vans more than your carport or garage can handle, you can approach a car and van storage facility.

Whether you are looking for a long- or short-term storage solution, you can hire:

  • A secure, undercover unit
  • A protected outdoor storage space

Whether your car is small or big, the storage facility should have a secure space for it.

Storing a Boat

Marinas are usually expensive and mostly located far from home. However, you can have an affordable and convenient option, viz. boat storage. As long as your marine vessel is on a trailer, the team at the storage facility can keep it safe for as long as you wish.

Here too you can choose long- as well as short-term boat storage. They can give you an undercover hardstand unit to suit your needs. Their spaces should be offered on a flexible basis, thus making them suitable to every kind of boat owner. Thus whether you want to store your boat only for winter or for an entire year, you will have to pay only for that period.

Again look for facilities working from early to late hours so that you can never be late for prime fishing time or on riverside. Also between your two consecutive trips on water, your boat will be stored safe from the weather elements. Marine and Auto Depot is such an excellent  company which offers storage rental for cars and boats in Sydney.

Storing a Caravan

Unless you are continuously road-tripping across Australia, your caravan is lodged in your driveway or standing on the street for most of the time. While this can be a problem for your family (while driving cars in and out), it can also be a problem for the caravan itself. For instance, continuous exposure to sun and rain can damage its paintwork.

Fortunately facilities like caravan storage units are available where you can store your caravan secure and under cover without having to sacrifice space in your garage or carport. Ensure that they have units of the size matching that of your caravan.

Also make sure that they store your vehicle for as long as you want, maybe for a few months or even for a year or two. Their hardstand storage units should be available for renting for both short as well as long periods.

Look for such a vehicle storage facility and get great peace of mind about your vehicle’s security.


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