Vehicle Registration System

The ANTS is in charge of the implementation of the Vehicle Life Vehicle Registration System, one of the major principles of which is to combine registration with the vehicle owner No. VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

The implementation of the SIV allows all owners to register their vehicles directly with all the garage owners (about 20,000 points of contact) or in the prefecture, whereas the previous system allowed to do so only in the prefecture.

The extension of the number of contact points for applications for registration has been accompanied by a centralized production of the registration certificates, with higher levels of security than the old registration card, and of a shipment by post (courier followed by delivery against signature) of the certificates of registry in the domicile of the individuals.

The objectives of this system are to:

  • simplify the procedures of individuals,
  • involve professionals in the sale of cars in the Renew Car Registration.
  • give all automobile professionals direct access to certain information,
  • Make the registration certificate more secure.

The vehicle registration system is based on several applications, including:

  • the “core” of the SIV system and interfaces to external partners: mainly focused on registration operations;
  • the SIT application, the main purpose of which is the payment and collection of taxes linked to registration;
  • the “satellite VV” application (SVV) for obtaining information on the theft of vehicles and securities;
  • The application of “pre-application for authorization and accreditation” (APD) of professionals of the automobile.

This system is fully operational, and in order to ensure its third-party application maintenance. ANTS was awarded a service contract in 2009, the holder of which is a consortium of private companies.

The TMA contract holder ensures that, under ANTS ‘control, the system remains in operational condition, performs corrective and evaluative maintenance services in coordination with, on the one hand, the wishes of the Administration and the evolutions where appropriate.

The National Agency for Secure Securities (ANTS) is therefore responsible for the management of the SIV in agreement with the MOA (Ministry of the Interior / General Secretariat), the Legal Enforcement Department (Ministry of the Interior / Delegation to Safety and Road Traffic) and in partnership with the Department of Information Systems of the Ministries for the hosting of the platforms and their exploitation.

As project manager, the ANTS provides technical assistance on the use of the computer, functional, but also legal tool..


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