Tips for caring your car in winter

The winter is fast approaching and you need to be cautious and take proper care of your car. As the mercury dips down you must prepare your car accordingly. Never take your car for granted. When you expect your car to provide you with faithful service it is your duty that you take proper care of your motor. Keep your car in good shape and health in winter with the tips given below:

  • Oil – Check it Frequently

This is one of the old school tips that you must follow. This needs to be done in every time as you engine might suffer with low oil. Make sure you have enough oil in your tank and you must keep it up and replace the oil when it is too old. This will be beneficial during the winter.

  • Check your tyre regularly

No matter if the weather is cold or wet, the roads in Britain is usually slippery. With snowfall the roads become risky to drive and it becomes necessary to check your tyre before you hit the road. Check whether your tyre has good grip or not with good amount of tread on it. It is recommended to buy winter tyre if you have to drive through snowy and icy road.

  • Radiator – Refill it

Keeping your radiator full is a must, no matter what the season is. During winter it is important you use antifreeze, as it prevents the liquid that is in the cooling system to turn into the ice.

  • Keep your interior cleaned up

The interior of your car can be damaged in the winter with unnecessary litter jammed up inside. Make sure you clean up your car’s interior regularly in the winter. Clean the inside of your window, wipe your door sills, and polish your dashboard at-least once a week and this will help you a lot in winter.

  • Check your lights

One of the most reoccurring road hazard in winter is the bad light. It is therefore advised to check your lighting well before you go out in the road. It becomes dark faster in winter hence don’t sit back and relax thinking you will drive only in day.

  • Battery – Keep it charged and running

It is difficult for a battery to operate in winter and therefore a weak battery in summary can easily turn dead in winter. Keep your battery charged and running during winter. Perform the volt test of your battery right before the winter starts so that you do not run into trouble during the winter because of your battery.

  • Check your defroster and climate control kits

Make sure to check your defroster and climate control system before winter gets full swing. Keeping you warm is the main purpose of your climate control kit and hence it is important you keep them working and in condition. Your windows might ice up during winter and hence defroster acts smart to prevent this from happening.


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