Things to Do Before Buying a New Golf Car

Are you thinking of buying a new Low Speed vehicle or Golf Car? Here are some important tips to keep in mind when purchasing the perfect low-speed vehicle for your family or business purposes.


1. Do Your Research before buying a new Golf Car

It is highly recommended to visit your nearest local dealer in person, before making your decision on buying a new, refurbished low speed vehicle or golf car online. At Golf Cars Unlimited we will make sure that you find the right low speed vehicle according to your requirements, budget and preferences. Visiting our shop (Golf Cars Unlimited: 1882, ROUTE 9, CLERMONT, NJ 08210) will give you the opportunity to get a good understanding of the various models, size and feel of the vehicle of your interest.Moreover, it will also give you the opportunity to be fully informed about maintenance and much more.  If you do not live near our local dealer, then do not worry. You can always give us a call and we will make sure to assist you in the best possible way. The main goal is to ensure that you select the right type of vehicle for your requirements and model of your choice. And while you are here, you could even go for a test drive!


2. Ask for Customizations options and Accessories

Many customers often forget to inform about customization and accessories that come at a small charge, which can make a huge difference on the user experience. Initially, when you buy a golf car, it may appear to be the perfect. However, if you wish to take your low speed vehicles or golf Cars of the road or to a hill, additional changes will be required. Without the right customization, it may not work well, which could result in an unnecessary trip to the garage. Therefore, we highly recommended that you communicate all your your requirements to our team. Additional accessories, such as a speaker system, enclosures to stop sand from getting inside, heaters to keep you warm during cold nights and much more could really improve your overall usages and assist you in making the most out of your low speed vehicle.


3. Not all Used Golf Cars Are Bad

Many of us, prefer purchasing a brand new golf car. Used Vehicles from unknown dealers are often feared to break down soon after purchasing it. However, at Golf Cars Unlimited all golf cars are fully serviced before putting it back on the market. However, as mentioned before,important, to ensure you purchase the right type of low speed vehicle for your requirements. Here are some of the recommended steps that you can follow when you plan to buy used golf car:

     Find out how old the car is and how many previous owners the used car has had.

     Try to understand what kind of problems the car had and whether it has been taken care of.

     Never forget to have a test drive to detect any noises while starting and driving the golf car.

     Moreover, make sure the golf car feels comfortable whilst driving.


A used golf car or low speed vehicle can actually be a great option for a lower budget and great for those love to take a frequent trips around the neighborhood or to the beach. Just make sure that you know everything about your used vehicle that you should know, before taking it to home.

4. Don’t Forget Inquiring about Maintenance

Many new low speed vehicle owners are generally under the impression that golf cars are just used and stored, without any maintenance. However, low speed vehicle or golf cars, require frequent maintenance and periodic tune-up to keep all the parts and tools running smoothly. Make sure you keep a watch on the water levels of your electric car on a monthly basis and follow all the instructions to keep the car batteries work. Moreover, when buying a new golf car or a used one, be sure to inquire about the required maintenance schedule.


Do you have more questions? Please give us a call or visit our shop to find the perfect low speed vehicle of your choice! 




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