The Settlement Process after a Car Accident

The aftermath of a car accident can be an extremely traumatizing and stressful period. This is not only because of the pain and injuries experienced but also due to the significant financial loss suffered. Even at such agonizing times, insurance companies will not spare you from the arduous process of getting the compensation due to you. It is therefore wise to hire an attorney who will give you the necessary legal advice during the settlement process. Car accident attorney Josh Myers will be with you every step of this tedious process.

To increase your chances of attaining a substantial settlement amount, do the following:

File a Report

Get a police statement as it is likely the insurance company will contact the law enforcers. Failure to do this could greatly affect your claim. If the officer’s report states that you are at fault, you might need your attorney to counter his statement. Before you can get your compensation, you need to overrule the report.

Having done so, calmly scrutinize the scene of the accident. Take pictures of the scene, and note down the names and the phone numbers of the witnesses. Check out the road and weather conditions. Also, be sure to write the other driver’s information: his name, car number plates, and insurance policy number. This information will be useful later on.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Seek medical attention as quickly as possible. If you fail to do so, it will be difficult to prove that you really suffered injuries during the accident. The doctor will evaluate your injuries and write a report. He will also note down if you need to miss work due to the injuries sustained. Be sure to strictly adhere to doctor’s instructions to avoid the insurance company filing a complaint against you. Keep all the documentation of the medical treatment received as well as any other cost you’ve paid due to the accident.

Get an Attorney and Pursue the Insurance Claim

Call the insurance company and file a claim. You will deal with your insurance company if the state falls under no-fault insurance. Your attorney will walk you through this phase.

Settlement Amount Calculation

There is no specific formula for computing a settlement amount. The amount is always a unique dollar figure independent of any other case.  Medical expenses will be reimbursed according to the hospital bills and the degree of injuries noted by the physician. Any other future treatment you may require owing to the accident is also put into consideration.  Wage loss incurred because of the accident injuries should also be recompensed. In addition, you are entitled to compensation for damages done to your car and the valuables that are inside.

Other than the injuries and property loss, car accidents bring emotional distress, loss of enjoyment, pain, and suffering issues. It is a bit challenging to quantifying these things.  The insurance company will try to prove that it’s not as extreme as you claim. However, a good lawyer will negotiate in your place and ensure the maximum settlement amount is obtained.


Claiming an accident compensation may be an overwhelming process. However, with a good attorney, you will be able to navigate around the process with confidence.


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