The Dealer Specials At Jackson Motor Company – Hobart City

JMC or Jackson Motor Company is currently one of the leading car dealers in Tasmania. It started as a humble Ford Dealership in 1926. It has gone through many changes for so many decades. It was sold, got a new owner, opened up branches, and so much more. Until now, it remained as the best car dealer all over Tasmania.

    With their five branches, JMC has provided New & Used cars to the people of Tasmania. They have the best car catalog that you can choose from. Now it is easy to get in touch with JMC through technology. They have social media accounts and you can also visit their website.

JMC New Vehicles

   If you are looking for a brand new vehicle from one of the leading brands, JMC has it all for you. You can choose from Ford or Isuzu, or maybe you want to go with Kia, Suzuki or the classy Volkswagen. They have a range of very affordable to prestige prices that can help give you the comfort in commuting whether in the city or for off-road adventures.

JMC Used Cars

    As the leader in New & Used cars dealership, JMC brings you their wide selection of used cars available in all of their five branches. If you are on a limited budget, take advantage of their used cars today.

JMC Hobart City – The Dealer Specials

    If you want value for your money, check out JMC’s “Dealer Specials”. They have the best cars awaiting. To help you decide, here are the 15 dealer specials of Tasmania’s best New & Used car dealer at JMC Hobart City branch.

  • 2014 AUDI A4 Ambition Auto Quattro MY14. This car is for $29,990. It has 70,789 km mileage. It is AUTOMATIC with a 4 Cyl 2.0L Turbo Petrol.
  • 2014 VOLKSWAGEN Golf GTI 7 Auto MY14. This is for $31,990 with 28,227 km on it. It is also AUTOMATIC with 4 Cyl 2.0L Turbo Petrol.
  • 2015 KIA Carnival S Auto MY16. For $27,990, you get this can with 67,592 km on it. It is AUTOMATIC with 6 Cyl 3.3L Petrol.

Financing Through JMC

With JMC, they have a very competitive finance and also warranty solutions for your purchases. They have the best deals to offer you all the time. The company has fully accredited and experienced specialists on every dealership. They make sure that your purchase is simple and easy from start to finish. With JMC as the best in Tasmania as a New & Used car dealer, you can either purchase and finance a car through JMC, or you can also purchase a car somewhere else and finance it with JMC.     

JMC Car Servicing and Contact Information

    JMC is also offering car servicing. If you got your car from them it is now easy to book a service. You can visit them online and look for the nearest dealer depending on where you are from. Book a service and you are good to go. You can also contact the JMC Hobart City branch by calling 03 6323 7000.


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