Shopping For A New Car- Keep These Points In Mind

For most people buying a car is not always an easy decision to take especially when there are thousands of new models of prominent automobile manufacturers entering the market every year. As many of these individuals opt to apply for loans from banks to finance such purchase, they also need to consider whether they can repay such institutions over a period. At the end of the day, they want to ensure that the vehicle they choose complements their lifestyle and caters to their unique needs.

Omari Betts, a sales and lease consultant for ChevyChaseAcura in Maryland, United States says shopping for new cars can be  daunting task for many consumers. However, it is important for them to consider the following tips to ensure that purchase a model that suits their needs:

  • Research

Car buyers need to conduct a thorough research of the conditions prevailing in the automobile market. To achieve this objective, it is important for them to use the internet and print media to get as much information as they need on various car models available. While it may be prudent for such purchasers to have two or three automobiles on their wish list, they should be flexible to ensure that get a vehicle that suits their needs. Moreover, when it comes to discussing such matters with a representative for car dealership showroom they should be clear about the variants, features, mileage and other options.

  • Determine the budget

The car purchasers need to decide the how much money they are willing to spend on a new car. For people opt to apply for loans from banks to finance their new car, they have to consider the equated monthly installments (EMI) these institutions will charge them on their earnings.

  • Estimate maintenance cost

Consumers intending to buy a new car need to realize that they have to shell out enough money to bear the cost of running and maintaining the vehicle. This is the reason why they should visit the service center of the automobile model they wish to buy and find out the price of its spare parts. It is important for them to note that cost of maintenance is differs from one model to another and depends on how they handle and keep such a vehicle.

  • Petrol or Diesel

For people who are buying an automobile for the first time, petrol car are generally cheaper in comparison to diesel ones. However, such vehicles are no match in terms of performance and economy in term of fuel consumption of later. Unfortunately, diesel automobiles have a higher maintenance cost.

  • Test Drive

Before taking a final decision on buying an automobile, it is important for buyers to take the vehicle for a test drive along with the sales representative. This gives them the opportunity to see how the vehicle performs on various terrains, curves, bumps and traffic conditions. They also check the brakes, steering wheel, clutch and gears.

Omari Betts explains that the above factors will go a long way in helping car buyers choose the right vehicle for their needs.


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