Save serious amounts of your dollars – Make a smart decision for your car repair

If you’re someone who drives your own car, there’s nothing more that you can hate more than taking your car for a repair. The entire process is time-taking, costly and is something that no car owner will look forward to. No matter how bad you feel about repairing your car, you have to take your car for repairing once in a while in order to make sure it’s running fine. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can save your dollars on a car repair, thereby making the whole procedure easier.

Whether it’s dealing with the car mechanics who try their level best to increase the bill and make the inevitable toll on your pocket, smash repairs of your car can be a real hassle which some people plan and avoid just as they avoid visiting a dentist. Read on to know how you could save some serious money on your next car repair.

Locating the best mechanics and garages near you

If you come across an auto repair shop or a mechanic which treats you as an intelligent person and a valued customer, stick to them. Hunt for someone who deserves your business and don’t forget to reward them appropriately. However, no matter how good the guys are, you should still check on a few things before relying on them totally.

  • Consider a AAA Car Care Center or an auto repair shop approved by AAA
  • The auto repair shop should be certified by ASE (Automotive Service Excellence)
  • Visit Yelp to go through few reviews
  • Visit them or call them before you get everything done by them
  • Check review websites and car forums for positive recommendations
  • Give importance to the value of word-of-mouth

Shop around and keep getting estimates before finalising the deal with one mechanic

Even though you might have found a reputable mechanic or a garage, this doesn’t mean that you will stop after getting the first one. There’s always enough value of getting a second opinion. Go and shop around, get estimates written in paper and ensure that the estimates are valid throughout the period when you shop around. Take your vehicle to a mechanic and make sure it is a reputable one. Don’t share the diagnosis of the first garage with anyone and wait till you see the estimate of the second one.

How about doing the work yourself?

When nothing else works, or when you’re tight on your budget, DIY approach is often the best one. There are few repairs which you can do on your own, irrespective of your skills and abilities. You can check your car fluids, replace fuel and air filters and also change your own oil. You can even replace your own brakes and gradually learn to do your work so that you can save your dollars.

At the end of the day, the more research you’re able to do before you get in touch with a mechanic, the better you will know on car repairs, how they’re done and how much they cost.


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