Picking the best driving test cancellation checker

The wait for a driving test in the UK seems to be getting longer year on year. While it may not be a good idea to book your test the day you start your lessons, accessing a test when you’re ready may not seem as simple as just making a booking. Learning to drive is daunting enough as it is, but then having to wait an unnecessary length of time for the test can be agonising.

Cost considerations

Of course, this also has a cost impact. You will need to keep doing your lessons, so as not to lose the skills you have gained in training. A long wait combined with the necessity to keep paying for the privilege of driving is something that annoys many a new driver.

The management of UK driving tests is centralised. This means that regardless of where you are in the UK, you can check whether your local testing centre has a vacancy and when. Fortunately, technology has made a difference and there are many ways to check whether you can book your test earlier. From time to time another driver will cancel their driving test which allows an earlier slot to come available. While this is a convenience, you will also have to act quickly before someone else nabs the test appointment.

Amongst the best are the following test cancellation checkers:


Speedytests provides an automated service. Once you have registered with Speedytests, they will send you a notification of an earlier test date and all you have to do is either reply using the word book, or ignore the message.

This service has several advantages over others. You don’t have to search daily to see if a test has come available. They do that for you and then ask you whether you want them to rebook your test as soon as an earlier testing slot has been found. This takes all the hassle out of manually searching and rebooking yourself. The second great feature of speedy tests is that you only pay a once off fee. Other rebooking services charge a subscription which means that you continue to pay until you either complete your test or have found an earlier booking.

Driving test cancellations

This is an app that you can download any phone operating either an Android or iOS system. It is very useful to be able to download the app and use it, as it also uses a notification system when tests become available. The downside of the app is that it uses a subscription model so if are having to waiting for months for a test at a high demand centre then you could end up spending far more than the once off payment model. If you spend a lot of time at a desk, and you forget to check your phone, there is a slightly increased risk of missing a rebooking opportunity.


You can manually check for new dates on the Gov.uk website, regularly across the day, every day to see if there is a new test appointment available yourself. This is a laborious task and means that you will have to check extremely frequently not to miss an opportunity. You don’t have to pay to access the appointments, but for most busy people this isn’t really an option.

Overall paid options are better as they do the searching for you, all through the day and then send a notification. Depending on the time you have to wait will depend on whether a subscription service is the better option, although it does pay to remember that you may have to cancel a subscription as they do not automatically expire.


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