More unbelievable things that happened in an F1 race

Whilst we’ve previously listed a few unbelievable things that have happened over the years throughout F1 tournaments, we haven’t touched half of them! Here are a few more incredible events that have happened during F1 over the years, that you really had to see to believe.


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1. Diamond destruction

Contrary to the popular Shirley Bassey song, the 2004 Monaco Grand Prix proved that diamonds were not, in fact, forever, after Jaguar driver, Christian Klien, had a £150,000 diamond fitted to the nose of his car, and crashed. The diamond was never found, and was presumably annihilated in the crash. The diamond had been a publicity stunt to help promote the upcoming Ocean’s 12 film, starring George Clooney. Whoever thought that was a good idea almost certainly had an awkward meeting or two after that incident!

2. 24th place finish

Throughout the tournament’s history, just one driver has ever finished in 24th place – the lowest finishing position ever in F1. Poor Narain Karthikeyan took part in 2011’s competition, which didn’t see a single starting driver retiring early – something that had never been seen before and has not been seen since.


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3, Spice up your life

Perhaps not as groundbreaking as the others, but the Spice Girls made a special appearance in 1997’s tournament. McLaren, who had not won a race since 1993, attempted to mix things up a little by bringing the popular girl band to the launch. We’re not sure how successful the promotional partnership was, given that McLaren did not win the tournament that year, but we can imagine it certainly brought a little bit of fun to the proceedings.

4, The ‘Hill’s’ have it

This is an odd one. Every driver who has had the name ‘Hill’ in the tournament has become a winner at some point! This includes father and son duo, Graham and Damon Hill, as well as 1961 world champion, Phil Hill.


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