Buying a new vehicle can be quite the commitment. Choosing a vehicle is a major choice, as it is a product which you buy in the hopes that it will last for a number of years. While buying a vehicle today is easier than ever before, the usual pitfalls still exist. Buyers who enter into this market without the benefit of experience or research are more likely to become ensnared in any of the more common traps awaiting the unprepared.

Salespeople are hoping to make as much money as possible from you, that is their job after all, which is much easier to do if you don’t really know what you’re looking for. The best defense against this is some simple research and preparation beforehand. The following steps will ensure that you enter into this with both eyes open.

Set a Budget

Once you have ascertained exactly what you need from the vehicle you want to buy, you are ready to start looking for potential candidates. There are a couple of services online which will help you to establish what the car you’re looking at is worth, for example, Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book.

If the vehicle you are looking at is only slightly over your budget, you might get lucky and manage to find a suitable deal. However, you might need to revise your choice of vehicle. If you need a more specialized vehicle, such as a portable restroom truck, it is usually best to look for suppliers who offer new and used cars, such as Satellite TruckXpress.

Inspect the Vehicle

Before you commit to purchasing any vehicle, you should inspect it in person for any issues or defects. Some things will be immediately obvious, for example any major damage should be noticeable in a simple visual inspection. You should check that all the lights and indicators in the vehicle are working correctly.

When it comes to inspecting the tire, you want to first make sure that it has enough tread. If the tread has worn away significantly, this indicates the tire is coming to the end of its life and will soon need replacing. If the tread is wearing away unevenly, this can indicate a serious problem with the vehicle’s suspension. Another way of testing a vehicle’s suspension is to push down on each corner of the car. If the suspension is working ok, the car will bounce back up again in a nice and smooth manner, no matter which corner you press on.


In many cases, the seller of a used car is just as motivated as the buyer. It is always worth discussing with the seller whether they have any flexibility on the price. If you notice any issues with the car during your inspection that weren’t reported by the seller, this could be justification for seeking a lower price. However, remember that you aren’t entitled to any discounts, so make sure that you remain courteous at all times.

Buying a used car is easier than ever before, but buying the right used car is still a challenge. If you have done this a few times, you should be familiar with it all. However, if this is the first time you have purchased a used car, you will want to save as much money as possible.


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