Love Affair with American Muscle Cars

Car enthusiasts tend to lament the lack of muscle cars. What’s the point, these days, when cars seem to all look alike and there’s not much difference in the look of a Maserati versus a Ford Taurus? Even though performance and safety have increased a great deal since the glory days of the American automobile, there’s still something that thrills the blood about these fast, powerful cars.

Advancements in vehicular safety are important because accidents happen and Wilmington car accident lawyers have years of experience with these incidents. Regardless of all the new technology in modern vehicles, we still have a soft spot in our hearts for American muscle. If you’ve been looking for that familiar excitement, this is the year they are bringing it all back. The 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon has an incredible muscle car pedigree and has been released to the public as a car so fast that the drag circuit immediately approved it and then banned it just as quickly. The Demon is so fast the car requires roll bars and a helmet to drive it on the strip. It is also equipped with only a driver’s seat, making it one of the most awesome muscle cars to have ever come off the production line.
It’s possible to add seats to the Demon for $1 apiece, but the fact that they don’t come factory-installed tells the world that this car was made for something besides the weekly grocery run. Its impressive 840 horsepower engine is one of the most hardcore in the world. The sleek lines and stylish look of the Demon also sets it apart on the road. There aren’t many cars that carry their unique look from the past, but this beautiful vehicle is one of the coolest on the market today.
The Demon is really a widebody version of 2017’s Hellcat, another gorgeous muscle car but built more for practicality than speed. This is the kind of car that screeches out, tires in the air, smoke and the low growl of the engine. A joy to drive and one of the best ways to recreate memories of those tough-looking muscle cars of the past, poised works of art looking ready to pounce and made out of several tons of Detroit steel.
The American fascination with cars has long been known. Our endless highways and little back roads mean that our love affair with vehicles has been a lifelong one. The open road is a tangible part of the American dream and it’s symbolic of freedom for some people. Muscle cars go hand in hand with this American pride, made in our factories and designed in the USA. The purr of the engine in a classic car as it idles on some pine forest highway is an image everyone can readily bring to mind. It’s been a long time since we could unite American muscle with the American road again and the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is giving us the chance to live the dream again.


Auto Angles by Xohaib