Key Building Blocks of Your Personal Injury Claim

When you face a personal injury accident, it is best that you hire a personal injury lawyer, and file a claim. While people in places like Modesto make it a priority, it is often their concern what their claim would be worth. It is important to know this, so that you don’t waste time filing for a claim that would yield a benefit that struggles to cope up with the costs.

To better understand what your claim may be worth, here is a list of the key building blocks you should know about.


When you hire an injury attorney in Modesto, the first question he or she would put forward is about your injuries, as a major part of your claims are dependent on them. The concept is simple, the greater an injury, the better will be your claim’s worth. Injuries that are longer lasting, or severe, are worth far higher than say, strains.


Another key building block of your claim is if the accident affected your livelihood. For instance, if it impedes you from work, you are entitled to receive the lost wages. There is a complex way to calculate the amount spent off work and wages lost because of it. In certain cases, there are specialists who derive the amount that you need to be compensated with, and the time until which the compensation will continue to be offered.


Your claim, if settled, also allows settlement for any medical expenses that you may have to bear as a result of the accident. There is, however, a limitation to it. If your condition after accident grows worse because of your own negligence, the claim may not include such damages. This is why it is often recommended that you seek and follow the doctor’s advice as it is.


An injury attorney in Modesto will ensure that you don’t go out making mistakes that would affect your claim. Following are certain basic things you should take care of from the very beginning.

  • It is important that you realize that a full and fair settlement is based on a wide variety of factors. Don’t go on to claim that the accident was your fault. You may be wrong, and that would hinder your settlement.
  • Do not accept any payments thinking you’ll be able to cope up with the damage from it. You might get content with a $50,000 settlement offered, when your claim is worth a $100,000.
  • No one is liable enough to estimate your personal injury claim than a personal injury lawyer himself. The above-mentioned factors will help you get a rough idea, but an attorney’s estimations would be more precise.

Have you or anyone you know been in an automobile accident? It is to your benefit that you hire a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The lawyer will assist you in filing the claim. He or she will also take into account all the aspects needed to estimate the worth of your personal injury claim.


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