How to sell your car at the best price?

You have decided to “I will sell my car in Dubai”, not to sell it. For that, propose it to an individual and choose the good time of the year. Make the new look on your vehicle in anticipation of the photo session and tests by the future buyer. Finally, prepare a complete and orderly record of all the useful documents: your buyer will be favorably impressed.

  • How much, to whom and when to sell your car to get the best price?
  • Make your car shine
  • A well prepared file

How much, to whom and when to sell your car to get the best price?

To evaluate the value of your vehicle, start by checking its Argus rating . Then, check the classifieds. Taking into account mileage and options, set the price that you think is right.

Post several classified ads with many photos: at least 5.

Wait 10 days to eventually review your price down and place new ads with other photos. If your car is special or unsuitable for the French market, consider delocalizing your ads in Germany or Belgium.

You will sell better a family just before the summer holidays and a city car in autumn. Compact sedans, SUVs and SUVs are not very sensitive to seasonal variations.

You can sell your car anytime to We Cash Any Car.

Make your car shine

When it comes to car buying, the first impression is decisive. Thoroughly wash your car, including the engine. Apply a polish on the body and do not hesitate to buy a retouching pen in case of persistent scratches. Change the hubcaps if they are broken.

Thoroughly clean the interior and use a renovator on the plastics. Invest in covers if the seats are stained or damaged.

For photos, choose a sunny day and put the car in the shade. Do not neglect the background!

A well prepared file

Unlike a professional seller, you offer no guarantee. That’s why it’s essential to inspire confidence. A well-presented and well-ordered file, including all the maintenance invoices and documents of the car, reveals your seriousness. You should renew Vehicle Registration Renewal, if it is expired.



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