How car colors affect your perception

The road traffic is a dynamic process, in which the color patterns change instantaneously and luckily, a driver is capable of noticing a huge number of different traffic situations even when driving a Chevrolet Camaro at a relatively high speed. However, it is also not surprising that the color gamut largely affects the traffic safety.

According to the statistics of road accidents, the collisions of cars of dark colors account for 61.3% of accidents. Furthermore, a car accident analysis conducted in Sweden showed that black cars got into an accident in 22.4% of cases, whereas dark-blue, blue and dark-gray cars got into a traffic accident in 61.2% of cases. American researchers found out that cars of dark colors became involved in 57% of road accidents, and cars of light and bright colors collided in 43% of cases.

Psychologists argue that the color of a car has an impact on one’s assessment of its speed and distance to it. Therefore, it may seem to us that a red car travelling at a high speed is at a closer distance than it really is, whereas cars painted in light colors, on the other hand, produce a remoteness effect.

It should be borne in mind that children and middle-aged people try to keep at a relatively large distance from light-red and bright-yellow cars, while older people can cross the road being in the immediate vicinity of cars of such colors. According to psychologists, this is due to the fact that for them red and yellow colors are associated with traffic light signals. In addition, older people discern these colors more clearly, which gives them some confidence.

If a driver is being nervous, dark colors can help them relax a little. Therefore, if you are a temperamental choleric person, it is better to refrain from buying a bright car. The truth is that most novice motorists do not feel very confident when driving. This is not surprising, especially in the context of big cities and constant traffic jams. If you are being nervous when behind the wheel, you may want to look at some gray objects and you will feel calmer. On the way to work, when you feel drowsy, remember that red color helps increase effective concentration and if you feel like you cannot focus properly, it is recommended to focus your attention on one color and closely monitor the traffic situation.

Thus, a car color is the most important element of traffic for the driver, the traffic police officer and the pedestrians alike. A car color not only speaks of the driving style, but also shows the subconscious perception of the world of the person who is behind the wheel.

We hope that you find this article informative and the statistics of car accidents was useful to you. Thus, when getting a new vehicle, for example, a Mitsubishi Lancer, we recommend you opt for some bright colors such as white as opposed to dark and grey ones.


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