Guide To Choosing The Right Tyres For Your New 4X4 Wheels

Tyres are what keeps the your wheels on the road and a set of good tyres will improve not only the performance of the automobile, but also improve the functioning of the brakes.

What are the elements that you should consider when choosing tyres for your 4X4 wheels?

There are five elements that you keep in mind when choosing new tyres.

  1. Size of tyre
  2. Tubeless or tube-type
  3. Rubber Compound
  4. Tread pattern
  5. Overall quality

Let us now explain these five elements, so that you can go ahead and pick the perfect tyre for your 4X4 wheel.


  • Size of Tyre: This is perhaps the most complicate part of a vehicle. When you talk about the size of a tyre, you talk about it with respect to the width of the tread, the height of the sidewall, the radial construction and finally the rim diameter on which the tyre will fit.


You can judge the size of a 4X4 tyre if you further break it down into:

  1. Rim Size– The tyre that you choose has to be of the same size as the rim on which you will place the tyre.
  2. Tread Width – Go for wider tread if you travel at high speed and want better performance from your high powered wheel. Go for lower tread width if you are driving in wet conditions and want fuel efficiency.
  3. Sidewall Height – Select the sidewall depending on the rim size and tread width that you opt for. Select a sidewall height that maintains the overall diameter of the new tyre.


  • Tube-less or Tube-type: Opt for tubeless tyres since they are safer. There is no better option than and experts recommend it for higher safety. Nitto Tyres is one of the most preferred tyres for the Australian road conditions and the nitto tyres price is extremely affordable for how durable and strong the tyres are. They definitely provide major value for money when it comes to tyres.
  • Rubber Compound–The kind of rubber compound used in the tyre goes a long way in determining how the tyre performs and wears. A good quality tyre will offer better traction and grip on the roads. Check for tyres that are associated with comfort since they will be less grippier, than the ones that are associated with ultra-sport.
  • Tread Pattern–The kind of pattern on the tyres makes a huge difference on the performance. The pattern also determines how much noise is generated when the tyre is on the road depending on the way in which the air is trapped and expelled from these channels. There are three types of tread that are commonly seen in tyres:


  1. Conventional Tread which isn’t unidirectional or symmetrical. This is most commonly seen.
  2. Uni- Directional which has markings indicating the direction of rotation. The pattern makes an ‘A’ or ‘V.’
  3. Asymmetrical Tread where the outside shoulders of the tyre tread will have a pattern different from the rest.


  • Overall Quality– Keep in mind the reputation of the manufacturing company, take into account the opinion of existing users and reviews. Head over to AutoCraze to get a better idea.


Talk to an expert to get a better idea on 4WD tyres. Join automotive forums and talk to automobile enthusiasts as well.


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