Evolutions in Ground Power Units for Aircraft and Machinery

The advantages of having a portable battery pack that you can truly depend on is an advantage that is becoming more integral to business than ever before. The 28-volt battery pack can be charged within four hours using built-in battery chargers when connected to AC power, designed specifically for ground use for repeated engine starts.

The latest turbine starting units utilize the most recent innovations in lithium batteries as they provide the best sources of electricity for formidable tasks. Currently, starting units are available in compact or heavy duty models, and come in several shapes, sizes, and wattage, and are frequently used at airports around the world.

For the ultimate performance, it is essential to select the right GPU for starting turbines as they need to produce the right amount of power during pre-flight checks. Once the proper unit has been selected, you are assured a longer lifespan and increased efficiency. The cooling system of a GPU is extremely important because of the long hours they are in use, with the coolant level ideally kept at a 50/50 split between the water mixture and antifreeze. The most commonly used GPUs for commercial aircrafts put out 120 volts AC at 60Hz, with units operating at 400Hz, which correspond directly to generator RPM and the engine. These parameters, as well as the voltage, are all fully adjustable, with between 110Volts AC and 120Volts AC the target area. If these parameters are not sustained, the safety relay inside the aircraft can potentially be compromised and cause the GPU contactors to open. Start Pac produced an extensive line of GPUs that provide portable power at the highest efficiency levels.


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