Don Forman And His Philanthropic Work With The Fox5 Surprise Squad In Las Vegas Nevada

Don Forman is an American entrepreneur and a philanthropist, who is mostly known for his philanthropic work with the Fox5 Surprise Squad. Together with his car dealership United Nissan, he has sponsored the Fox5 Surprise Squad, a group that has been traversing Las Vegas Valley for over four years.

The squad travels across Las Vegas sharing stories of amazing people and bringing joy to Fox5 viewers. The squad works with surprising people, and thus no one can tell when and where it will show up. Some of the wonderful stories the squad has highlighted include a story of a couple that adopted three kids of a dying neighbor despite having five kids already. The Foxx5 Surprise Squad surprised the couple by remodeling their house while they were away. The squad will forever be remembered for honoring Greg Zanis, the man who traveled over 2,000 miles to drop off crosses for the 58 people who lost their lives following the mass shooting that took place in a casino resort located in Las Vegas. Fox5 Surprise Squad’s efforts are realized through the efforts of Don Forman himself, his car dealerships—United Nissan and Tustin Nissan—as well as America First Credit Union. His heavy involvement in Fox5 Surprise Squad has helped highlight stories of great people who gave back to the world in various ways.

Don Forman Las Vegas Philanthropist is also the store owner of the Tustin Nissan, the Las Vegas car dealership that made history for providing free rides so that volunteers can donate blood to over 500 victims that were badly wounded in a Las Vegas Casino shooting on 1st October, 2017. Forman started the initiative upon learning that a number of employees from United Nissan were among the 22,000 goers who were partying in the casino when 64-year old shooter, Stephen Craig Paddock opened fire.  Luckily, though the staff from United Nissan escaped unharmed.  Following the mass shooting, Forman noted that his United Nissan car dealership wasn’t focused on car sales, but rather on the events that took place that night and what he and his team could do to help the victims.  Consequently, his car dealership began offering free rides, sending its staff members in turns to donate blood at two specified places in the city. He also encouraged residents to donate blood, where all they needed to do was to call and then leave their addresses with an authorized staff. Staff donors would later on pick those that were willing to donate blood from their homes and workplaces.

Don Forman has invested in the wines industry, where he is the owner of the Lakada Wine Cellar.  The wine manufacturer started in 2001, shortly after Forman visited Napa Valley in 2000. According to him, he started the Lakada Wine Cellar having been fascinated by the amazing lifestyle of the people in the wine industry. The manufacture boasts more than 17 years of experience in cellaring and shipping wines.  His Las Vegas residence houses two cellars, and the construction of a third cellar is ongoing in his Laguna Beach residence. Forman notes that his enjoyment of sourcing and cellaring wine is derived from memories and moments that tie themselves to locations, memorable events and fantastic meals he has shared with business partners and friends.


Despite being a successful investor who has invested in several industries, Don Forman is truly a philanthropist. His amazing way of giving back to the world can be traced from everything he has done ranging from sponsoring the amazing work being done by Fox5 Surprise Squad and his invaluable help to the victim of the one of the worst mass shootings ever witnessed.




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