Confusion Persists When You Find Yourself in a Multiple Car Accident Smash Up

One of the things that most of us find hard to deal with is a multiple car accident scenario. It can be really hard to know what to do, where to begin in such a high-octane scenario of destruction, wreckage and anger. Such was the case in the Land O’ Lakes September 12 2017 accident when multiple vehicles found themselves in a smash up close to a traffic light along the US 41 just after Hurricane Irma. The Hurricane had devastating effect in most areas around the region and also affected the traffic lights that continued blinking yellow along the Willow Bend and West County Line Road intersection. As a result, over three cars crashed into one another leaving behind a trail of destruction.

This was also the case in Hailey, Idaho when a woman from Wood River Valley found herself in very critical condition after a multiple vehicle smash up that also left another person injured. The 21 year old woman was southbound along State Highway 75 before the car she was driving left the southbound shoulder. The car over corrected but crossed onto the wrong lane into oncoming traffic. The car then hit an oncoming pickup truck and the impact was so great it tore off the front part of the Florida woman’s car. While the driver of the pickup truck and others involved in the smash up were injured and released from hospital with minor injuries, the young woman was not so lucky and she had to be flown to a specialized hospital for patients in critical condition to try and save her life.

In scenarios where multiple car accident are involved it’s always hard to know exactly what to do like in any other painful and confusing accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has indicated there is a car accident in the United States every 60 seconds. It means over six million car accidents will take place across the nation with a third of these involving multiple cars. Pileups make for thrilling action in film but not in real life.

It only takes a distracted driver a few seconds to set off a vehicle pileup involving trucks, cars, motorbikes and trailers among others in a chain reaction that most definitely leaves a lot of people injured and property damaged. At that moment, heavy and moving metal and glass comes into contact with anything along its way and the possibility of critical injuries as happened to the Florida woman is very real, including death. Even when you’re not hurt as would be expected, you might not be able to leave fast. Blocked and jammed doors can take away oxygen from the car and suffocate you to death. Sometimes the car could explode destroying the others and killing virtually everyone. Even if you leave the smash up you’ll be groggy and in shock. If other cars haven’t stopped you can even be hit as they whizz by. In general, multiple car accident situations are laden with confusion.

Most multiple vehicle accidents can be avoided. Intoxicated driving can be evaded since drugs and alcohol instigates drowsiness and destroys good judgment. Cell phones distract the driver as he or she texts, talks, checks emails or take pictures along the way while driving. At times, even high-speed chases by police could cause serious collisions as criminals engage law enforcement in unplanned chases. Over speeding is also a serious cause of multiple car smash ups as people speed away for all manner of reasons. An over speeding car is almost impossible to control. Weather as in the case of Hurricane Irma in Florida that caused a serious pileup also causes multiple car accidents in America today.

You must be vigilant while on the road since all manner of factors could draw you in a dangerous pileup with fellow road users. If you find yourself in a multiple car accident, you need a top auto accident attorneys for help and to understand what you’re facing, how to get prepared, car insurance issues and possibilities of compensation.


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