Clear Your Car Theory Test For Obtaining Driving License

Are you preparing for driving test in order to get your driving license? In order to obtain your driving license you need to clear the driving theory test. In this article we will discuss briefly about this theory test so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.

Driving theory test is relatively easy and straightforward test, which is not very difficult to clear. However if you know certain tips then you can very easily clear it. The test will be conducted on computer. Before you start answering any questions, you need to read the instructions very carefully.

Multiple choice theory tests

Here you will be asked number of questions and every question will have multiple choices of answers. You need to click only on the right answers. Before you start the real driving theory test UK online, you have the option to do mock test practice. You may either choose to do mock test or skip it, if you are very confident. If you skip mock test then your real test will start.

Now you can start clicking the right choice of answer according to you for every question that appears on the screen. If you are not sure about answers of any question then you can skip it in the beginning and after you are through with the test then you can attempt on those unanswered questions.

There will be 50 questions and you will get about an hour to answer them. You need to get 43 right answers to pass the test.

Few tips for theory test

When you are learning in driving school try to find various questions related to driving and try to think of right answer for them. Most of them can be answered based on common sense. However if you have doubt in any questions then you can ask your driving instructor to clear out your concept.

Hazard perception test

Next you have to go through hazard perception test. Before you start this test you will be shown a video demonstration to show how you have to identify the hazard or developing hazard. After you have gone through demonstration, you will be shown 14 video clips on the computer monitor. These scenes will be based on what we see in our daily life while driving. Each video will be shown for 1 minute where there will be minimum one developing hazard or real hazard. You have to identify the developing hazard and real hazard by clicking on them accordingly.

Here you should be able to identify clearly which is the developing or real hazard where you need to either apply brake or change direction or speed based on the hazard. You must correctly identify the hazard. In case you identify wrong object as potential hazard then you will lose score.

Tips for hazard test

You must be aware about following potential hazards

  • Pedestrian who is trying to cross road
  • Cyclist coming out suddenly
  • Vehicles coming from sides
  • Children playing on the roads
  • Animals coming in the road
  • Parked vehicles
  • Large vehicles

Follow these instructions and obtain your car theory test certificate to enjoy driving your favourite car.


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