Celebrate Spring With A New Lincoln

For many people, spring is the season for reconnecting with the joy of driving. With the roads clear and the weather getting warmer, spending time behind the wheel goes from being an annoyance to a pleasure.

And for a growing number of Canadians, that joy is one best experienced in a luxury vehicle. Data shows that luxury car sales in 2017 jumped by 12%, and this growth is forecasted to continue in 2018, with a projected increase of 7%. With many options on the market, luxury dealers are seeing new opportunities to distinguish their offerings from the competition, but one of the most successful brands by far has been Lincoln.

With a range of vehicles designed to meet the needs of many different lifestyles, Lincoln has been getting a lot of attention for its 2018 slate of vehicles, which maintain the brand’s classic sense of style while also delivering the very latest features and the newest technology. If you want to get a new Lincoln but aren’t sure which of the 2018 vehicles is right for you, here is a sampling of some of the most popular Lincoln cars and SUVs on the road.

Lincoln Continental

For many people, no model is more synonymous with the Lincoln brand than the Continental. For a long time Lincoln’s flagship vehicle, the Continental is a perfect blend of class, style, and comfort. The 2018 model continues the tradition, offering a turbocharged engine and comfortable ride at a lower price point than competing luxury sedans.

Lincoln MKX

One of the most pronounced auto trends of the past decade has been the emergence of a range of different crossover SUV options. The Lincoln MKX has been one of the most successful luxury examples, and the 2018 continues the tradition by offering the comfortable, quite, luxurious ride that has made the brand famous. The powerful engine is particularly good for quick acceleration, and the front seats provide the very best in comfort, including heating, cooling, ventilation and massage.

Lincoln MKC

The MKC is Lincoln’s compact crossover SUV. First release in summer 2014 for the 2015 year, the MKC is one of the newest Lincolns on the road, but it’s already impressed car aficionados for its comfort and vigour. Ideally suited for driving in an urban context, the MKC is the perfect car for drivers who want the maneuverability of a sedan with the spaciousness, comfort, and power of an SUV. Like the rest of the 2018 Lincoln vehicles, all packages include Lincoln Connect, Lincoln’s 4G WiFi hotspot system.

With so many different quality vehicles available and competitive prices, this is the perfect time to check out what your local Lincoln dealership has to offer. With long weekends at the cottage and long summer holiday drives just around the corner, celebrate spring by getting behind the wheel of one of North America’s most luxurious automobiles, and find out why Lincoln continues to be the car of choice for people who believe driving should be a leisure activity.


Auto Angles by Xohaib