Avoiding Collisions While Driving in Edmonton

If your local auto body shop knows your name because of how frequently you get collision repair in Edmonton, it’s time to brush up on how to avoid collisions. Collisions are one of the most horrific occurrences while you’re driving and they can cause serious injuries and even take lives. It’s important to always be alert and adhere to the safest form of driving when on the road because not only can collisions ruin your car, but it is very likely that someone may be hurt beyond repair as a result.
It goes without saying that you should never drive while intoxicated. Always call a taxi service if you cannot confidently say that you are sober and can drive. The little bit extra that you will pay to take that service is worth it, even if it’s the last of your money. It could save a life. Read on to find out more about how to avoid collisions while driving and be safe out there on the road!
Avoiding Collisions While Driving
Focus on Safe Driving When Driving to New Place
When you’re driving somewhere that you have never been to before, it can be tempting to just go with what the directions on your app tell you to do. However, last minute lane changes and turns, and especially braking can mean that the people behind you may be rear-ending you shortly.

Familiarize yourself with the directions and know you can usually turn around and take that turn later if you need to. New places can be tough to find in the dark too, so give yourself plenty of time if you know you’re going to be driving at night to get there.

Always Pay Attention to the Road

Paying attention to what is in front of you is vital if you are going down any street, but particularly if you are going down a road lined with cars or a busy street. Even if you are in a rural area, you might have to keep an eye out for large wildlife and animals that can dart out in front of you. Keeping your eyes on the road means you will always see what you are driving towards even if you cannot avoid it and end up in the auto shop.

If An Animal Crosses In Front of Your Vehicle

Keep your eyes on what’s in front of you and always be looking ahead. Pay attention to curves and slow down if necessary. Use high beams at night to illuminate animals and give you the time to honk at the animal to get them away from you. It will also reflect off of their eyes and give you a quick nocturnal heads up. If you are going to crash, brake instead of swerving. Swerving is dangerous and may cause a worse crash than you want. Just slow down as quickly as possible and remember that animals are more active at dawn and dusk.

Don’t Drive Distracted

Distracted driving is a good way to end up needing to take a trip to the auto body shop for some good old fashioned collision repair in Edmonton. Ignore your phone or any notifications until you have time to stop or get out of the car. Distracted driving is a recipe for a collision.

Remember, always drive safe and keep your eyes on the road, and always wear your seatbelt while driving. Collisions can be avoided if you stay alert and practice good judgment. Follow these tips for maximum success and safety!


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