Tips for Maintaining Your Car’s Windscreen

That glass in front of your car has the important function of protecting the drivers and the passengers inside from incoming wind and possible projectiles on the road. The driver sees the road entirely through the windscreen. Therefore, it’s very important to make sure that this glass section of your car is always in tip-top shape. If there are any cracks or discolorations in the windscreen, it will affect the view of the road. The windscreen also holds the roof of the car in place. So if there are any issues with the windscreen, it may affect other parts of your vehicle as well. Here is a list of important tips for keeping the windscreen of your car in the best, roadworthy shape:

Perform Periodic Checkups of the Glass

Every once a month or so, check the windscreen for any problems. It’s easy enough to do. Take a long hard look at the glass to make sure you don’t see any cracks or similar damage. Don’t just check the windscreen from the inside of your vehicle. Get out and check it from the exterior as well for possible damage you may not readily see from the inside. Pay particular attention to the place the windscreen connects to the body of the car. Check this area for minor damage you may not see while driving.

If you do spot any problems, it’s very important to get the issue fixed right away. A minor problem in glass can quickly develop into a bigger issue that may require the windscreen to be replaced. As you may know, replacing the windscreen of the car is expensive and can take a long time. You should get your windscreen checked once or twice a year by an auto glass expert like Instantwindscreens Joondalup. If any repair or replacement is needed, the professional mechanics can give you the best recommendations and quotes.

Do Clean the Windscreen Occasionally

It’s recommended to clean your windscreen every week, especially if you live in a dusty part of Australia. In the least, you should have your windscreen cleaned twice a month. When you drive, dirt particles get stuck to the glass. Gradually, this leads to some discoloration and visibility issues. To ensure the optimal visibility through the windscreen, you must occasionally clean it. Cleaning the windscreen is not an arduous task. You can get it done under 10 minutes with a good cleaner and a wiping cloth.

Use Microfiber Cloth to Clean the Glass

Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe down the windscreen before applying a liquid cleaner. Microfiber cloth can trap dirt particles without causing scratches to the glass. This type of cloth is also good at removing dirt and oil without leaving streaks. Use the glass cleaner only after using a dry cloth for optimal cleaning.

Don’t Ignore the Wipers

Windscreen does not exist independently. When you inspect it, take time to check the wipers as well. Make sure the wipers work properly. Check the rubber parts that touch the glass to ensure that there is no damage. When you take your car for engine oil changes, have the mechanic check the wipers as well.

Proper windscreen maintenance is absolutely essential for making sure your car is in roadworthy shape. Ignoring even a minor crack could have dire consequences when you drive. Therefore, keep in mind to keep the windscreen clean and inspect it as recommended.


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