How To Paint Your Car Without Making Any Damage?

Have you scratched the front bumper of your car and are you looking for simple and fast remakes? You found the right article! If you get bad in a car park or if some other car has bumped your bumper do not despair, just a little paint to remedy the damage.

Paint the car’s bumper, as you do
Warning! If you do not have a bit of experience or you do not have good maneuverability, we recommend turning to a good coachman.

Let’s start!
First, go to a store that sells auto paints and, with the exact color code of your car that is on the upright of the machine or in the luggage compartment, buy a paint spray can. Note, if your car’s bumper is black, you do not have to go back to the exact color code, just buy a generic black.

Let’s do this now with the bumper disassembly

  • Pulling the lever under the steering wheel of your car, open the hood and secure it.
  • Take a screwdriver and remove all the screws that stop the bumper at the bodywork.
  • At this point pull the bumper towards you to unhook it from the car.
  • This way you will be able to use the paint at its best.

Get the sandpaper now and wet it a bit

  • Pass wet wet paper on the bumper to correct the imperfections.
  • Allow the bumper to dry and clean the bumper with a generic detergent.
  • At this point let’s go to the paint!

Take the spray can and keeping it at a distance of 10-15 cms from the surface paint the 2004 ford f250 rear bumper piece that is concerned. Let it dry for a few hours and repeat the paint process. Again it should be left to dry. Now you can reassemble the bumper of your car, fixing it with screws and remove it earlier.

You can opt for spot repair. Simply a new and innovative painting technique specializing in mild-sized work on components such as bonnets, bumpers and windshields. If born in the Unites States, this technique is also popular in Italy. However repainting the entire cars, thus limiting itself strictly to the affected area. It also allows for the great reduction in waste and cost. Resulting in excellent, results and in short time. For small damage to bodywork scratches, spot repair is the perfect fit to get a brilliant clean car from any sign.


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