Five Benefits of Getting Your Car’s Windows Tinted

Generally speaking when you buy a car it arrives with normal, old-fashioned windows. Aside from the fact that they can go up and down there is really nothing fancy about them at all. But then, every now and again you will come across a car with tinted windows and you have to wonder, why are they like that, and were they factory fitted or was it something done by the owner after the purchase. It is normally a case of the latter although increasingly manufacturers are fitting their cars with tinted windows. So the question is why do people do this and what are the benefits? Here are a few reasons to explain the thinking behind tinted windows and the undoubted benefits.


Probably the most overlooked benefit of having your windows tinted is the simple safety benefit that is derived from having a sheet of laminate attached to the glass. In short, if the window is broken, either through an act of crime or in a genuine accident then the adhesive film holds everything together, preventing glass from showering the interior of the car. A company specializing in window tinting Christchurch and New Zealand said that when tinting started nobody thought about the safety benefits at all, but that this benefit was now one of the major reasons why people were bringing their cars in for tints.

Longevity of upholstery

The sun’s UV rays are very powerful and they can have a very severe impact on the interior of the car if it is left in the sun for too long. It is quite easy to see how areas that are exposed to the sun are more faded and brittle than areas that don’t get exposed. So if your car spends large amounts of time on the road, or in a parking lot that is not under cover, tints should be considered as a solution to keeping the interior of the car as new-looking as possible.

Skin Cancer

The sun doesn’t just impact on the car’s interior; it also has very harmful effects on the people in the car as well.  If you are going to be travelling long distances in the heat and glare of the sun, tinted windows can eliminate as much as 99% of the harmful UV rays and ensure that you arrive at your destination unscathed and without a harmful burn.


There is something to be said about being able to travel anonymously. And it is not just about being able to get around without people being able to see you, it is also about being able to leave luggage or valuables on the back seat, or to travel with friends or companions who shouldn’t be seen with you. There are so many benefits to tinted windows. Granted, they don’t make the car invisible, but they certainly hide the person or people on the inside and there is something very comforting about that.


The sun doesn’t just do damage with its UV rays, it is also very hot. Tinted windows reflect the heat and help to keep the car cool on the inside. It means that there is less need for the air conditioner which is an immediate environmental and fuel saving benefit, but it also aids travel comfort. In short, tinted windows are a win on many levels.


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